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Kifoplasti Sonrası Gelişen Nadir ve Beklenmeyen Bir Komplikasyon: Spinal Subdural Kanamaya Ait Bir Olgu Sunumu


  • Necati Kaplan
  • Yener Akyuva
  • Göksel Güven

Gönderim Tarihi: 25.05.2018 Kabul Tarihi: 26.07.2018 J Acad Res Med 2019;9(2):107-110

For vertebral fractures, kyphoplasty appears to be the most innocent treatment modality, but percutaneous injection of kyphoplasty cement might cause serious complications as the injection causes increased venous pressure in paravertebralspace. Here, we report a case of late-onset spinal subdural hemotoma after 6 h of percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty. A 58-year-old female with an acute compression fracture of the second lumbar vertebrae underwent percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty. After 6 h, she had late-onset neurological deficits and leg pain. Emergent lumbar MR was performed. The MR images revealed intraspinal hemotoma. The patient was operated, and spinal subdural hemotoma was removed. Spinal subdural or epidural hemotoma is believed to occur because of increased venous drainage pressure that leads to the rupture of venous vessels following kyphoplasty. These hematomas should be immediately removed, otherwise irreversible neurological complications may occur.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Polymethyl methacrylate cement, subdural hemotoma, kyphoplasty, intraspinal hemotoma